Structural Hollow Sections (HSS) are provided according to many different product standards. Accordingly here are only listed a small amount of relevant standards that are used worldwide. Also it should be mentioned that the mentioned ISO standards have been published only a couple of years ago.

Design standards are also focused to EN and ANSI/AISC standards as they are both widely in use internationally. Further hints for this table are always welcome.

Product Standards for hollow sections Europe International USA
Hot formed/ hot finished EN 10210 ISO 12633 ASTM A501
Cold formed EN 10219 ISO 10799 ASTM A500
ASTM A1085
Design Standards
Loads EN 1991 Series (Loads)
Steel construction EN 1993-1-1 general rules
EN 1993-1-2 fire loading
EN 1993-1-8 joints/connections
EN 1993-1-9 fatigue
EN 1993-1-10 materials
ANSI/AISC 360-16
Composite structures EN 1994
Earthquake EN 1998 ANSI/AISC 341-16